DHS 65 up to 200 m³/h

Atlas Copco DHS 65 up to 200 m³/h

These pumps are designed for low life-cycle costs, higher productivity, easy maintenance and safe operation. Atlas Copco’s many years of experience in compressors find expression in the setup of the system’s control and VSD regulation. The vacuum pump’s interface can be found on the upper surface, making it an extremely user-friendly Plug&Play device. Information on the pump’s operating satus can be retrieved from the MKV-Elektronicon® regulation contained in the standard delivery package. It also gives you access to programmable timers as well as all pump-related data. What is more, the pump can easily be incorporated in your existing system.

The DHS VSD+ makes you well-equipped for the requirements of our age (Industry 4.0) by achieving higher energy efficiency, lower costs and greater connectivity of your devices. The integrated variable speed drive (VSD) allows you to produce only as much vacuum as is actually needed, thus saving money from the very first minute, conserving resources and improving your environmental footprint.

Atlas Copco Class 0

An entirely oilfree vacuum is required wherever supreme air quality is crucial for both the process and the final product. Naturally, in cases where vacuum comes into contact with food or medicaments, our customers need absolute safety. This can be guaranteed by our certified Class 0 products.

Areas of application:

• Vacuum packaging • Production of corrugated board • Food packaging • Parts drying with vacuum
• Vacuum lifer
• Woodworking
• Metalworking
• Paper and print

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