Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency
Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and digital networking have started to become an essential part of modern companies. With a VSD+ (Variabel Speed Drive) pump by Atlas Copco you will obtain an ideal machine to reduce your costs and increase the connectivity of your facilities at the same time. The setpoint and speed control ensure that just as much vacuum as needed is produced, thus allowing you to save money and to preserve resources from the very first minute.

Through the open Elektronikon® monitoring system the pump can easily be incorporated into your already existing SPS system or operated as a stand alone device via USB. Your data and service requirements can be monitored conveniently via app on a smartphone / tablet, preparing you perfectly for the age of Industry 4.0.

Benefits of VSD+ vacuum pumps and Elektronikon®
  • Average energy savings of 50 %
  • A wide range of volume flow control
  • Graphic control regulates the motor speed and the high-powered drive
  • Avoids current spikes during start-up
  • The vacuum pump can be switched on and off as often as required
  • Remote control and monitoring possible
Vacuum pumps with VSD+ and Elektronikon®

DHS, DZM, DZS (VSD+ possible), GHS, GVS A (VSD+ possible), LRP

Complimentary energy measurement with the V-Box

We carry out a complimentary energy measurement with the unique V-Box and compare your current energy demand with our speed-control VSD+ vacuum pumps.

After having measured the current consumption and the pressure gradient for one week, you will get an informative energy report with all information on possible savings. As a rule the acquisition costs of an Atlas Copco VSD+ vacuum pump tend to have amortized within 18 to 24 months. Don’t hesitate to replace your conventional set of small pumps and vacuum ejectors (operating on the Venturi principle) by a centrally controlled VSD+ vacuum pump to improve your ecological balance. What is more, the pump allows you to reduce the background noise while operating and makes you well-equipped for Industry 4.0.