Atlas Copco GHS Pumpe

GHS VSD+ 350 – 5400 m³/h

Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ 350 bis 5400 m³/h

Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ pumps are speed controlled, oil-sealed, air-cooled screw vacuum pumps of the latest generation, which manage to incorporate all components including the MKV Elektronikon® controller, filter, intake regulator and connectors in a compact Plug&Play sound dampening box.

Atlas Copco’s many years of experience in compressors find expression in the setup of the system’s control, screw technology and VSD regulation. Information on all kinds of data including the pump’s operating status and vacuum setpoint control can be retrieved from the MKV-Elektronicon® regulation contained in the standard delivery package. Simultaneously, several GHS-VSD vacuum pumps can be connected and controlled via CAN-Bus, monitored via SMART-Link or recorded according to ISO 50001.

The integrated variable speed drive (VSD) allows you to produce vacuum only when it is needed, thus achieving unique energy efficiency with an energy demand reduction of up to 50 %. As a result, the acquisition of the system generally pays itself off within 18 to 24 months. By replacing your conventional set of small vacuum pumps and vacuum ejectors (operating on the Venturi principle) by a centrally controlled GHS VSD+ screw vacuum pump, you will achieve a sustainable ecological balance. What is more, the pump allows for noise reduction whilst operating and ensures that you are well-equipped for industry 4.0.

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