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DZM VSD 600 – 1200 m³/h

Atlas Copco DZM VSD 600 – 1200 m³/h

Atlas Copco DZM pumps are vacuum pump systems with two, three or four claw pumps of the DZS series in a complete package in a sound dampening box and Plug&Play principle. The setup of a DZM system uses all advantages of a DZS in terms of modularity and maintainability, making it a perfect solution for the requirements of your bigger process plants – with a central vacuum system.

The durability of the pump can best be witnessed in demanding applications with lots of moist. The compressor element is equipped with high-quality stainless steel claws and the compression chamber and claws are coated, thus preventing corrosion.

Atlas Copco’s many years of experience in compressors find expression in the coating and the setup of the control sytem. The DZM makes you well-equipped for the requirements of our age by using a variable VSD speed drive ranging from 20-50 (60)Hz and thereby achieving an ideal energy efficiency. The best cooling and high production accuracy enable you to reach a wide speed range and to achieve a sustainable ecological balance

Atlas Copco Class 0

An entirely oilfree vacuum is required wherever supreme air quality is crucial for both the process and the final product. Naturally, in cases where vacuum comes into contact with food or medicaments, our customers need absolute safety. This can be guaranteed by our certified Class 0 products.

Areas of application:

• CNC machining centres in wood, metal, glass, stone and plastic processing
• Plastic extrusion
• Wet processes such as styrofoam manufacturing
• Vacuum conveying and handling

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