Atlas Copco ELEC CAB

The Atlas Copco ELEC CAB pump control is an intelligent solution for a central management of your vacuum unit. By connecting between two and four pumps – even of different types or from different producers – you will regulate everything with one single control system.

On top of that, thanks to an intelligent algorithm ELEC CAB allows you to reduce your costs and save energy by achieving an ideal pump performance mix. The pump’s operating pressure is measured, the regulation automatically compiles the optimal pump performance and thus achieves an ideal suction capacity for any process. The system works on the Master/Slave principle, in which the master pump (without speed control) is transformed into a modern VSD pump (with variable speed control). This way you can quickly react to changes in requirements and contribute to a maximum conservation of energy. For your remaining vacuum pumps the pump control selects evenly distributed operating times, therefore minimizing maintenance costs. Besides, the effective service life of each pump is increased.

An SPS interface facilitates quick and easy remote monitoring. With internet connection and the optional online supervision all systemically relevant data are available on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Hence, you can react to changing parameters promptly, schedule maintenances and avoid time delays.

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