Atlas Copco DZS 65 up to 347 m³/

Atlas Copco DZS 65 up to 347 m³/

Atlas Copco DZS pumps are oil-free, single-stage, air-cooled claw vacuum pumps for rough vacuum applications, which are built with a special focus on durability and reliability. The setup of the pump is modular and simple, allowing for all relevant parts to be accessed easily. All DZS pumps can be purchased both as vacuum or pressure types (up to 2.5bar).

The durability of the pump can best be witnessed in demanding applications with lots of moist. The compressor element is equipped with high-quality stainless steel claws and the compression chamber is protected from corrosion by a type of coating that has been tried and tested over many years.

Yet another great advantage of this pump is its maintainability. In case of the process fluid being transferred into the pump, it can be opened quickly and easily, the claws can be removed from the compression chamber, cleaned and reinserted with minimum effort. Apart from an annual replacement of the inlet filter, no other service is necessary so long as the pump is used properly and the maximum amount of 20.000 operating hours is not exceeded. Only then gear oil will have to be exchanged.

A further version of the DZS that uses all the advantages of your base is the variable speed controlled DZS VSD+. The DZS VSD+ makes you well-equipped for the requirements of our age (Industry 4.0), achieving higher energy efficiency, lower costs and greater connectivity of your devices. With its open range of options the pump can be incorporated into your existing SPS system, operated as a stand alone device via USB or transferred to your smartphone / tablet via an app. Speed controls from 20 – 72Hz allow you to produce only as much vacuum as is actually needed, thus saving money and resources from the very first minute.

Atlas Copco Class 0

An entirely oilfree vacuum is required wherever supreme air quality is crucial for both the process and the final product. Naturally, in cases where vacuum comes into contact with food or medicaments, our customers need absolute safety. This can be guaranteed by our certified Class 0 products.

Areas of application:

  • CNC machining centres in wood, metal, glass, stone and plastic processing
  • Plastic extrusion
  • Wet processes such as styrofoam manufacturing
  • Vacuum conveying and handling

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